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At think3D we offer a range of services that encompass the entire cycle of the 3Dprinting world.

We cover every step of the process from the equipment and raw materials (consumables) through to scanning, modelling & engineering, a printing service, and of course, rapid prototyping.

And we are experts at what we do.

We sell printers

We sell printers We sell printers

Think3D are Exclusive Distributors for the amazing CreateBot and FlashForge 3D printers. We are also authorised service agents for all CreateBot and FlashForge products meaning we service and support all of our printers right here in Australia so there's no need to ship your printer back to the manufacturer in China just to get a simple warranty repair performed.

We have 3D printers to suit everybody, from the beginner or entry-level user, right through to high performance systems designed for the professional user with the most demanding requirements.

Unlike many other cheap suppliers, we won't sell you any old printer just to get a sale, in fact, we won't sell you a printer unless we are sure it is the right one for your requirements.

Now that's peace of mind!

We 3D model for you

We sell printers

Just like an inkjet printer requires a 2D data file (such as a word processing document) in order to produce some sort of output, 3D printers require special solid modelled 3D data files in order to create physical objects - these are referred to as 3D models.

The process involved in creating these data files can be quite complex and require specific skills and software applications. We can produce complex 3d models for you even from your simple hand sketched ideas and ready them for either printing or use in other applications such as simulations, animations, or videos for presentations etc.

We have over 15 years experience in 3D modelling in all facets of 3D such as mesh, parametric, solid modelling etc. socontact us to discover how we can help you achieve your goals.

We 3D scan for you

We sell printers

Yes! it is possible to scan real life objects using special 3D scanning equipment, but unfortunately the current hardware costs keep it out of the average person's reach.

Fortunately, think3D already has all the latest technology required to perform 3D scanning for you. But it is important to be aware that not everything scans perfectly and in some cases, extensve post-processing may be necessary to achieve the desired result.

So feel free to contact us so we can advise you on the best solution for your 3D scanning requirements. Sometimes, it may even be easier to start from scratch!


We 3D print for you

We print in 3D for you We sell printers We sell printers We sell printers

Even if you are lucky enough to own your own 3D printer, sometimes certain 3D models maybe a little too complex or require special materials printed in extremely high resolutions that cannot be achieved with the average desktop printer.

We offer a range of printing solutions in numerous materials and colours in many resolutions right up to high resolution resin-based prints for serious detailed work such as fine jewellaery casting, dental protheses, surgical implantc etc.

Come and have a chat to us about your printing goals so we can advise the best approach possible.

We Rapid Prototype for you

We rapid prototype

If you have an idea or product that needs to be taken from the drawing board right through to final production model with as little time & expense as possible, think3D can help.

With Rapid Prototyping you can have a physical working sample of your idea within 10% of the time & expense traditional methods would require. This is particularly useful for producing a "proof of concept" or simply to refine dimensions of a modified product.


Just some of the applications for Rapid Prototyping are:

  • Proof-of-Concept Prototypes
  • Demonstration Prototypes
  • Commercial Product Iterations
  • Pre-Production Prototypes


Think3d takes confidentiality very seriously so come and discuss your ideas or requirements with us and feel secure knowing your intilellectual property is safe with full Non-Disclosure agreements implemented if required.