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The FlashForge Finder is our ideal entry-level model designed for ease of use and high level of safety. The Finder is perfect for both students, and users that are new to the world of 3D printing.

This model is also ideal for those on a budget but who do not want to compromise on quality or performance.

The FInder is one of the quietest 3D printers on the market, yet still incorporates the lasest in 3D printing technology and retains a high safety factor.

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Finder is packed with features not normally found in an entry-level 3D printer.
  •    WiFi connectivity
  •    Touchscreen control
  •    Fully enclosed workspace
  •    Exceptionally quiet (50 decibel)
  •     Bed levelling assistant
  •   Filament run out detection
  •   Non-toxic fumes
  •    Exceptionally quiet (50 decibel)

Simple to use

Although designed as an entry level system, the Finder incorporates features not normally found in this price range.

These include Auto bed-levelling, easy touch-screen operation, simple and quick filament cartridge replacement (proprietary filament not required), removable build tray, amongst others.

Safe to use

Safety is a key factor in the design of the Finder making it ideal for beginners and young users alike. Features such as a fully enclosed Hot-end, along with a non-heated build plate reduce the chance of accidental burns to inquisitive fingers.

The Finder has been optimised to operate using eco-friendly PLA filament which is known to emit no toxic or unpleasant odours.


Reliable to use

3D printers can be frustrating at times for even the most experienced users. With this in mind, the Finder has been designed to provide features that ensure the smoothest experience for new users such as anti-tangle spooling system with an enclosed filament feeder to minimise extruder blockages and a solid plastic-alloy chassis & framing system to minimise errors caused by vibration.

The Finder also comes complete with Flashprint slicing software to ensure the easiest printing experience available. See below

And of course, is backed by the usual FlashForge reputation for reliability!

Amazing Connectivity

The Finder gives you multiple ways to connect to your 3D print files.

Send files via direct connection with your computer/tablet, send files remotely using the inbuilt Wifi feature, or simply plug in a standard USB memory stick containing your data files.

It's that simple!

Flashprint Software

Your Finder comes complete with FlashPrint - the easiest most intuitive slicing software available.

With Flashprint there is no need for 3rd party add-ons or plug-ins. Simply load your STL model, apply any settings you prefer, and the software will automatically create the Gcode customised for the Finder.

Simplcity at it's best!

Need a particular colour?

Looking for a specific colour combination to match your decor? The Finder comeas in a range of designer colours to suit any taste.

We may not have every colour in stock at all times, but you are welcome to order a specific colour and we will quickly get it for you.

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Finder Specifications

FlashForge Finder Specifications
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More information

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