Available Fully assembled or as a DIY kit!

The fastest path to becoming an expert at 3D printing is to build one for yourself.

The DIAMOND Prusa i3 is the latest top seller on the market and for good reason.

The kit comes complete with absolutely everything you need including the tools required for assembly.

The auto-levelling version uses a proximity sensor to detect the aluminum print bed where the normal version of the printer uses a micro-switch to detect the end of travel for the Z-Axis movement (vertical limits).

The Aluminum Print Bed plate is 200mm X 200X 200mm - the travel for the build plate is limited by the physical dimensions of the frame itself and that is around 220 mm for the X-axis (side to side), 260-270mm for the Y-axis (front to back) and around 200mm for the Z-Axis (up and down).

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The Diamond is the best value DIY 3D printer Kit on the market bar none!

Check out these amazing features

The DIAMOND boasts some incredible features for a printer in this price range!
  •    Large 7.9" x7.9" x7" build volume
  •    Bowden Extrusion System
  •    All metal E3D precision Hot-end
  •   Heated bed - aluminum build platform
  •    Adjustable Belt tensioners - All axis!
  •    Improved Endstop system (spring-loaded)
  •   Precision Laser-cut Acrylic components
  •   ¬†Large 20 x 4 char LCD Display
  •  True T2.5 Timing belts
  •   SD card support (STL, Gcode)
  •  Marlin firmware - Fully upgradable
  •  Detailed Video instructions included

Diamond Specifications

Diamond Parts List

Absolutely everything you need including the assembly Tools!

Detailed video instructions

If you are assembling your Diamond yourself, you can easy follow the Step-by-Step Video instructions provided.

Check out the print Quality!

Genuine un-touched prints from a standard Diamond!

want it?

The fastest path to becoming an expert at 3D printing is to build one for yourself.

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