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New upgraded 2016 model!

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Think3D is proud to announce the new upgraded 2016 FlashForge Creator Pro. This next generation 3D printer is based on the proven and incredibly popular Creator Pro series but with some slick new enhancements making it  the best value, high precision, dual-Extruder 3D printer on the market.


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The Creator Pro is packed with features not normally found in other 3D printers
  •    Large 8.9" x 6" x 6.5" build volume
  •    Latest Dual MK9 Extruders
  •    Heated bed - 6.3mm aluminum build platform
  •    Fully enclosed chamber for ABS & specialty filaments
  •    All-metal frame for super stability
  •    Removale canopy and turbo fan for PLA
  •    Heavy-duty (10mm) z-axis guide rods for stability & precision
  •   ¬†integrated LCD screen & 5 button control
  •   4GB SD card + USB connectivity
  •   Flashprint slicing software included
  •   Sailfish firmware installed

Advanced construction features

The all new Creator Pro has some amazing robust features you simply won't find in other printers.
Full metal frame
Frame stability is critical to remove 'wobble' and achieve high quality uniform prints. No cheap plastic or timber framework here
10mm Z-axis Rods & Metal support
Cheap printers use 6mm or 8mm z-axis rods which allow unwanted flexibing. The Creator Pro uses only robust 10mm stainless rods for true rigidity.
6.3mm Aviation-grade Aluminum Platform
Cheap platforms deteriorate over time and warp when constantly heated then cooled, ruining your prints. The Creator's platform is designed for stability and longevity.

Dual extrusion system

Need to print in more than one colour?

There's no longer any need to continually stop your print job to unload/load different colour filaments. The Creator Pro incorporates an intelligent Dual-extruder system allowing you to print multiple colours or materials automatically without risky interruptions.

You can even print multiple materials in one pass meaning you can use soluble supports to decrease post-processing work and produce much cleaner finished prints.

Exceptionally sturdy design

Don't suffer from bad prints due to flimsy structural design.

Inertia and resonance can cause a myriad of print quality issues and the Creator Pro counteracts all of these by incorporating a full-metal chassis & framework.

10mm Stainless steel guide rods ensure accurate and uniform layer heights

Seriously fine resolution

The Creator Pro is capable of printing in fine detail right down to 0.1mm (100 micron) layers.
This means less of those unsightly layer-lines common with many printers, and much less post-processing time.

Flexible Connectivity

The Creator Pro allows you to stream your data files via either USB cable or SD flash drive.

This means you can print your designs withoug having to have your computer constantly connected, leaving you free to work on your next model.

Flashprint Software

Your Creator Pro comes complete with FlashPrint - the easiest most intuitive slicing software available.

With Flashprint there is no need for 3rd party add-ons or plug-ins. Simply load your STL model, apply any settings you prefer, and the software will automatically create the Gcode customised for the Finder.

Simplcity at it's best!

Creator Pro Specifications

FlashForge Creator Pro Specifications
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