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Think3D is proud to introduce the first Super-mini 3D printer to the Australian market.

This next generation 3D printer has been specifically engineered for students and young users with a special focus on safety, ease of use, and reliability without sacrificing build or print quality!

CreateBot Mini Features

CreateBot Super Mini Features
CreateBot Super Mini Features
CreteBot Super Mini Specifications

Fantastic prints!

Don't be fooled by its small size. The Super-Mini is capable of higher quality prints than printers costing twice as much!

Super Mini Print samples 1Super Mini Print samples 2 Super Mini Print samples 2

Designed for safety

Certain areas of 3D printers get very hot (up to 260+ C). This presents a real danger for young inquisitive fingers.

Printers also contain finger-crunching gears and fast turbo fans that could easily hurt small fingers.

The Super-Mini has completely enclosed or hidden any areas that may be a danger to an unsupervised child or an inexperienced user. 

The Super-Mini's safety measures also include making sure any voltage-active areas are safely hidden away or inaccessable.

Super-Mini Safety features Super-Mini Safety features

Compact footprint

Only slightly larger than a soccer ball, the Super-Mini will easily fit on even the smallest desk or table.

And at just 3 kgs it's easy to move, easy to carry, and easy to store when not being used.

CreateBot Super Mini Features

Super sturdy construction

The Super-Mini incorporates an all-metal casing, steel chassis, and stainless components. This means true stability providing high-precision prints that cheaper quality printers simply can't achieve.

All plastic components are proper injection-molded unlike cheaper quality printers that use fragile 3D printed parts.

CreateBot Super Mini Features
CreateBot Mini Features

Your choice of colours


The Super-Mini is available in a range of vibrant colours to match your decor. These colours are subject to availability so make sure to let us know your preference before ordering.

CreateBot Super Mini multiple colours

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