Looking for bigger print size? Much bigger?

How about a massive 400mm high model?


The new CreateBot MAX has the largest build size of the entire range whilst attaining print speeds of up to 250mm/s!


Looking for industrial strength with engineered quality? The MAX incorporates a complete metal-alloy casing for ultimate sturdiness guaranteeing perfect precision every time.


How big does it print

The Max has a massive build size!


At 280x250x400mm or

11" x 9.8" x 15.75"

it can produce models up to 18 times the volume of the benchmark Ultimaker 2 Go!

CreateBot Max Features

FlashForge Creator Pro Specifications

Super sturdy construction

Total platform stability

Build platform stability is critical to maintaining accurate, uniform prints and the Max incorporates a 4-level, engineered system.


The actual build plate is high-temp borosilicate glass for a perfectly flat surface.


This is supported by aviation-grade aluminium platform, metal-alloy base-layer, and finally a solid steel base frame.


The build table itself is cleverly secured in place by 4 high-powered magnets. This allows for quick removal of the platform for removal of finished models, cleaning, and maintenance.


Levelling the system is a breeze with a 4-point stainless spring-loaded wingnut system.

Dual extrusion system

Need to print in more than one colour?

There's no longer any need to continually stop your print job to unload then load different colour filaments. The MAX incorporates an intelligent Dual-extruder system allowing you to print multiple colours or materials automatically without risky interruptions. The entire extruder module is easily removable for cleaning/maintenance by simply unplugging.


Perhaps the most unique feature of theMax's dual printhead is the way they work in harmony to build much more complex designs, laying down each layer with unparalleled accuracy. One printhead extrudes the build material while the other fills in areas of overhang with support material.

The resulting collaboration between the two is nothing short of a remarkable.

Seriously fine resolution

The Max is capable of printing in fine detail right down to 0.05mm layers.
With this tiny micron resolution build, every detail in your design comes out the exact same way you imagined them to be. Designs with interlocking pieces fit and function seamlessly together. Every circle is a perfect round, and every peak and trough has a distinct definition.

With the Max, 3D printing truly becomes a digital art form.

Amazing Connectivity

The Max gives you multiple ways to connect to your 3D print files. 

Print via direct connection with your computer/tablet, simply plug in a USB memory stick containing your data files, or send files remotely using the optional Wifi feature even from a distant location.

It doesn't come any easier!

Full-colour Touchscreen

Controlling your Max is a breeze when using the optional Full-colour Touch screen.


All of the functions (including advanced) are available at the press of a simple graphics button.


No more rotary dials and endless menus to get lost in!

Awesome Slicing Software

Your Max comes complete with CreateBot 3D Slicer- the easiest most intuitive slicing software custome-engineered for CreateBot printers.

With CreateBot slicing softwarethere is no need for 3rd party add-ons or plug-ins. Simply load your STL model, apply any settings you prefer, and the software will automatically create the Gcode customised for your Max.


You can even share your model code with your friends with the built-in Share function

Simplcity at it's best!

CreateBot MINI Whats in the box

More information

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